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Want a sketch or image to a logo designed for your business from scratch that you can use in many different places that don’t become blurry or pixelated when you resize it? Sounds like you need a digital vector art logo created for you!

I will immortalize your logo or image by professionally converting them into vector files.


I’m an adobe illustrator junkie. I’ve been converting several raster images into clean vectors seamlessly for about 5 years. I also teach an illustrator class.

If you have an extremely low-quality image, kindly contact me first so I can discuss if they can be salvaged and converted to a vector.

If your image is also quite complex, kindly send me a message first so I can give you a custom quote

What’s included?

You will get a professional vector art logo to use wherever you need it:

● High-quality tracing

● Unlimited Revisions (I work until you are satisfied)!

● High-Quality JPEG and PNG

● PDF and EPS for print applications

● SVG for web use

● Illustrator and Photoshop source files

● Lifetime support for you as my client!


  • 100% Manual Vector Tracing Work (No Auto Tracing/Live Trace)
  • 1 Hour Fast Delivery(Gig Extra) Available (Not for complex work)
  • Quality Work Guaranteed
  • Quick Response 24/7

Oder now

Free Online Raster to Vector Converter – Rapid Resizer

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