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alight motion mod apk

Download Alight Motion Pro. Alight Motion Pro. 160MB || v5.0.113.104435. Also, Download Inshot Pro APK. 0. v5.0.113 [Latest]. Download APK v5.0.113.

Alight Motion is one of your mobile phone's first promotion graphics applications, providing the most qualitative features. The Alight app mainly provides motion graphics, professional-quality animation, visual effects, video compositing, and editing. It provides a variety of media types to its users. Some are multiple-layer graphics, images, and videos, an audio library, a list of vector shapes, a freehand drawing facility, a vector drawing facility, and many more.

The customizable building block effects which Alight Motion provides its users also play a major role in video editing, image editing, and creating animations. Alight Motion provides over 100 customizable effects with its building block library. These building block effects help the user to create professional and sophisticated visual effects, allowing the user to express their creativity to the next level.

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APP Name Alight Motion
Latest version v5.0.62
APK Size 141MB
License Free
Developer Alight Creative, Inc.

Latest functions with the latest updates

  • You will be provided a new effect browser, a search option, and additional presets.
  • New effects include Hexagon, Tile Rotate, and Hexagon Tile Shift.
  • The latest versions have also improved some effects, such as Dots, Luma Key, Turbulence, Flip Layer, Motion Blur, and Solid Matte.
  • Fine-tuned effects such as sensible numbers and clearer labels.
  • Fixed some issues and bugs.
  • Every effect has a detailed description, so the users will be more concerned about the effect they use.
  • Audio re-samplers to slow down lagging.
  • Improvements in performances and minor bug fixing.

Professional and quality features of Alight Motion

Features of a mobile application play a major role than other things since it is because of the features that people tend to judge the app saying whether it is a good one or a bad one. So, Alight Motion provides everything users need to produce a pro-quality video. Alight Motion is confident that the features they offer will assist you with every issue the user encounters because they are a high-quality mobile app.

Multiple Layer Graphics

  • Alight Motion provides multiple graphics layers with video and audio editors.
  • This professional application helps and supports vectors and bitmaps. Using this useful function, you can easily edit vector graphics through your smartphone. You don't need powerful PC software to edit your videos all the time. You have Alight Motion!

Hundreds of visual effects

  • There are over 100s visual effects and a customizable building block effect. The color correction feature enables you to alter the color of an image or video and create a new color to give the object a fresh appearance.

The keyframe animation

  • There's another important feature called keyframe animation. This super function called Key Frame Animation is available for every setting.
  • You can now build timing curves in a customizable way since there are fluid motions that ease your animating. You can even pick up presets to get a better idea of how to animate your video, audio, or image.

Velocity-based motion blurring

  • The velocity-based motion blur function is yet another significant feature made clear by the Alight Motion Android App. This super function helps you animate and edit movements, speed, and motions occasionally.

 Export files in high quality

  • Alight Motion also provides you the facility to export MP4 files in high quality as well as GIFs animations.

The gradient fill effect

  • You will also be provided gradient fill effects and solid colors to make sure that the animation you created looks more perfect than before.
  • A border for your animation, or else the video you edit or create gives completeness. The shadow effects make the animation more real than before. Even giving a border for an image makes your image complete. Thus, this function is more useful than you think.

Group Layers

  • Group layers also play a main role in editing.
  • Yet another important feature Alight Motion brings to light is you can save the most perfect-looking, most favorite elements you created before, so you can reuse them when editing your next images, videos, or audio. This function will help you go for new ideas using your created stuff.

Alight Motion claims a clean and very simple interface.It is simple for the user to drag and drop files into the application. Yet also, Alight Motion provides a dedicated timeline for your editing stuff, so whenever you drag and drop a file into the timeline, the process will be started immediately. Well, let's continue with the features.

Timelines for media formats

  • For various media formats, such as video, image, and audio formats, Alight Motion does, however, offer various timelines. Thus, you will be able to organize your editing well. You can access your projects quickly through the main tab of the video editor.
  • Alight Motion can be known as a well-poised video editing application to compete with other famous video editors such as Power Director, Sloop, and FilmoraGo. Since Alight Motion mainly focuses on creativity, it provides stunning and creatively edited video as its results. This facility garners the attention of users around the world.

Numerous kinds of Editing Tools

  • This piece of technology introduces plenty of features and functionalities for color adjustments in images and videos, different transitions when merging videos, cool effects to animate your stuff, post productions, and different kinds of templates to edit any stuff you want to edit. Within a few minutes, the user can edit, merge and enhance their videos, create animations, do full-fledged edits, and give the video a new, professional, and perfect look like never before.
  • Alight Motion also introduces media, texts, drawing tools, shapes, and drawing resources that would help design the project easily. You will be offered a fresh, new page to start over or else to import a media file that should be edited to the timeline.

Graphic Support for high-resolution finishes

  • Moreover, the Support for graphics is excellent, and you will be able to result in polished and high-resolution finishes. While one part of this technology overlooks the graphic quality, the other prioritizes appealing creations.

How to install Alight Motion for your Android Smart Phone?

When you download an app to your smartphone, there are many ways to fulfill your need. You have two options for downloading the app: either through the Google Play Store or the official website. If you own an iPhone, iPad, or another Apple product, you can download the app from the Apple App Store. Please consider the following procedure to install the app on your device.

Android Installation

  1. First, provide access to install apps from unknown sources.
  2. Then download the Alight Motion APK file from the above download links.
  3. Now open the downloaded APK file from your downloads folder.
  4. Install the Alight Motion APK file to your device.
  5. Now you are all free to run Alight Motion on your Android device.

iOS Installation

  1. Search for Alight Motion Application from the Apple App Store.
  2. Download and install the app.
  3. Enjoy.

These little yet important features play a significant role in Alight Motion.

  • In addition, this is a free Android video editor with high reliability, high quality, and useful, creating amazing motion graphics on your mobile phone.
  • Even if Alight Motion is supposed to be an Android Video Editor, it also supports IOS devices such as iPads, iPhones, etc. This also supports VFX and as well as other innovative features.
  • Yet again, Alight Motion is well-poised to give tough competition to most professional-grade video editing alternatives such as premier pro, Alter Effects, and Davinci Resolve.
  • This super high-end animation tool will help you import the media file, edit it, and store it on your device. This complete yet complex process can be done using a little mobile app, but this app is better than any other common video editor. You now have the chance to edit your videos, images, and audio without using professional yet costing PC software because you have this, Alight Motion.
  • You don't have to worry about your skills and knowledge in editing since the simple interface will guide you to do what exactly you want to be done. All you got to do is download the app, install the app, and start editing your stuff using this amazing next-level video editor.

Subscription options for the app

If you are only looking for a simple video editing app with simple editing tools, you don't need a complex one to fulfill your need. You can install the free app version to fulfill your simple needs. But, if you are willing to edit many videos with professional tools and high-quality endings, you better go for a suitable subscription plan with multiple options, features, and functions. If you do not cancel the subscription after the trial period, it will renew itself automatically.

Pros and Cons of Alight Motion


  • Simple, clean, and user-friendly interface
  • Store previous elements for reuse
  • Fluid animation support
  • Good customer support
  • Runs smoothly on every device platform


  • Issues in Tiles and Key Frames
  • Bugs and crashes that occasionally disrupt editing processes
  • Tiles and Key Frame freezing
  • Occasionally needs to catch up when editing audio.
  • Takes a considerable time to export sound files

Available languages: English, Chinese, Dutch, Turkish, Finnish, Polish, Czech, Spanish, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, French, Arabic, German, Russian, Portuguese and Korean, etc.


Is Alight Motion a better choice?

This is a promotion video editor focusing on editing videos, images, and audio in a high-quality manner. Alight Motion also focuses on creating motion graphics, GIF animations, and other similar media types. Alight Motion produces high-end visual effects, special filters and effects, video compositing, comprehensive video editing, and many more.

Is Alight Motion available for PC?

Officially Alight Motion for PC is not available. But you can download Alight Motion for Windows PC and Mac using an emulator. Follow our Alight motion PC guide to install this app to your PC correctly.

Why choose Light Motion for editing animated videos?

It would help if you chose Alight Motion for editing your video for many reasons. One of the main reasons is that it is a fast and easy-to-use software. It also has a user-friendly interface, making it easy for anyone to edit their videos. The software is also very affordable and will not cost you a lot of money.

Alight Motion is a video editing tool that helps you to create high-quality animated videos. Use this tool if you want to make your videos more engaging and professional-looking.

This software has everything you need to create a beautiful video. You can use it to edit the timing, color, and audio levels of your video and add text overlays and transitions. It also has templates for creating different animations, such as comic book-style or stop-motion animation.

What are Alight Motion alternatives?

Alight Motion is a motion graphics software Motion graphics software called Alight Motion is used to make animated videos. For those who want to create, it is a fantastic tool. animated videos and use animation to convey their desired message.

The professional film, video, and broadcast editing software Adobe After Effects is one of the Alight Motion alternatives. It provides a vast array of tools in addition to countless creative options.

Some other Alight Motion alternatives exist, such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Apple Final Cut Pro X, PowerDirector, and Sony Vegas Pro.


Alight Motion is one of the world's most professional motion editing apps for your smartphone, tablet, iPhone, or iPad. It creates videos with quality animations, which have become the major point of installing this app on many users' devices. Well then, that's it. All you got to do now is install and enjoy the amazing functions.


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